Short-term Care and Rehabilitation to Offer Results

Long-term Care with Kindness and Compassion

NorthChase Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Wilmington, NC Can Help Your Patient or Loved One.

Are You Struggling to Find Quality Care Such As:


Individual treatment plans to fit your loved one’s needs
Round-the-clock care for patients with chronic illnesses
A positive environment to promote rehabilitation post illness or accidents

Here’s How NorthChase Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Can Help


Short Term Care

NorthChase’s staff provides 24/7 care to patients after a hospital stay. We offer our residents the tools needed to successfully recover and rehabilitate.

Long Term Care

NorthChase Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Wilmington, NC provide round-the-clock care for residents living with chronic illnesses.

Our Care Model


NorthChase Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Wilmington, NC provides a space that values the quality of life for our residents, their families, and our employees. Whether patients are receiving short or long-term care, our skilled nurses are here to offer a dignified experience for those seeking medical or personal care. We work together to:
Go above and beyond for our residents, their families, and our employees
Strive for excellence every day
Build strong relationships with our NorthChase family at home and work
Recognize our accomplishments and share in their success

NorthChase Nursing & Rehabilitation Center offers a variety of services to residents of different ages in our care center, from adults to those who are elderly. We start by evaluating all the aspects that may affect a resident’s life experience, including physical, emotional, social, and spiritual components of care.

We are here to help you if you are recovering from a short-term stay or starting the process of senior care transition.


Our Interdisciplinary Care Team

The Interdisciplinary Care Team is made up of a staff that can help the mind, body, and spirit. Between healthcare professionals, activity directors, chaplains, and volunteers, we seek to fulfill all resident needs. NorthChase works to help avoid re-hospitalization and offer a quicker recovery through peace of mind.

Infographic of the healthcare professionals that work at NorthChase Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.

Kind Words

“NorthChase Rehab & Nursing Center gave my mom, who has Alzheimer’s disease the best care. The rehab team did wonders with my mom, who is very difficult to rehab with her dementia. From day one, the nursing staff and admin found her the best room so that she would not be scared. Every department went above and beyond to make my mom comfortable—Thank you so much NorthChase!”


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